bulletThe company was started as a small scale business amidst 1925 with 'Quality products at affordable price' as the motto. The materials were purchased directly from village people in hill and forest areas. As the company expanded, the materials are purchased also from bulk sellers to attain economies of scale.No matter, from whom so ever the materials are purchased, quality of the products sololely decides the purchase deal.

The company now has clients all over India, extending from Trivandram to Nainital. The company has built a strong social network, so vast that, it can serve any product the customer may ask for.




Jammon seeds - Navva kottai

Bacopa monnale - Neer brahmi

Kurebeli - Karuppu vetti vaer

Punarnava - Vatta saranai

Shankh pushpi - Vishnukranthi

Brahmi booti - Vallarai



Aloe vera - Kathalai

Basil leaves - Thulasi elai

Senna pods - Avuri kai

Punarnava - Vatta saranai

Kunj leaves - Kundumani elai

Jamal katta - Naervaalam

Gurumar leaves - Siru kurinchaan

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